N Series 1.3T-2.0T3-Wheel Electric Forklift

N Series 3,000lb -4,500lb

3-Wheel Electric Forklift

UN 3-wheel electric forklifts with compact body design and pivot turning by the dual AC motors, which offer superior maneuverability in narrow worksites. Full AC system with ZAPI controller, and ZF transmission ensure a reliable performance.

Reliability & Performance
● Zero-Emission, low-level vibration, low operation cost, high efficiency.
● The most advanced 3-phase full AC technology in UN’s electric range combining the Italian ZAPI electric controller, Top AC motors, and HAKWER battery(option), as well as the Japanese Shimadzu hydraulic system, Germany ZF transmission. These features guarantee your material handling the most cost-efficient.
● The energy regeneration function extends working hours.
● CANbus communication system provides a better understanding of the forklift.
● Compact design and 90 degrees turning angle make it good for narrow area working.

Safety & Ergonomics
● Double rear tires achieve stability during traveling and turning. It can also control the turn speed automatically according to the turning angle.
● OPS, Seat switch ensures a safe operation.
● Strong OHG protects the operator from any falling objects.
● Wide view mast offers good visibility.
● Small steering wheel & wide foot space and optimized foot pedal position.

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