Electric forklifts

Strong And Durable Chassis

● Using the IC truck structures, which has been tested by the market for more than 20 years.

● Inside the forklift, we use advanced lithium technology to ensure it’s working performance.

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Long Term Performance

● The battery can be charged and discharged 3500 times. With 5 years guarantee on lithium battery gives customers great satisfaction and long time life cycle. 


● Using low-carbon, clean, and environmental friendly lithium battery. 
Lower noise, zero emission, and less vibration.

Lower Total Ownership Cost (TOC)

● The purchase price is similar to a regular IC forklift . No fuel consumption cost , no maintenance fee for air filter, oil filter or engine oil changes compare to a regular IC forklift.

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Our models

Reach truck (stand in)

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Electric pallet truck PT27R PT36R

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Reach truck (sit in)

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NL Series 2.0T - 3.5T

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NL series 4.0T - Mini 5.0T

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N Series 1.5T.- 3.5T

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U Series 1.5T – 5.0T

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