Welcome To Forkeq

Forkeq Group LLC, a company committed to the industry to provide world-class equipment and professional solutions in material handling. Currently, a distributor of important manufacturers recognized worldwide. Offering the widest line of forklifts and accessories designed to increase productivity in specialized warehouses by height, temperature, and narrowness of their corridors and critical areas. We have over 35 years of experience in the field, extensive references of important customers who endorse and recommend us, as well as a trained, professional and committed human team to meet any requirement with advice, viable solutions and fair prices.


Quality workflows customer oriented.


Plain and easy reliable services as your request requires. All structures needed to support your movements.


Low cost rental schemes fair rates accessibility. Low operation costs transferred at low prices for our clients.

Our Goals

Offer to our prices and efficient attention directly from owners, who understand your specific needs and business conditions. We assist our clients to make efficient purchases based on a previous material handling analysis. We have the experience that you can leverage.

Who We've Worked With:

We have worked with an amazing clients. Here is some of our best.