Electric pallet jack

Full Electric Pallet Jack 


Utilizing our electric equipment can offer significant short-term advantages by safeguarding your merchandise, supporting your staff, promoting health, and saving time.

Full Electric

Being a completely electric equipment, it benefits the worker by streamlining operations within his company.

Latest generation models 


Our equipment is the newest on the market so you will not have problems and you have a guarantee of up to 1 year

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Make your job easier

User Benefits

  • Allow disabled persons
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce fatige & accidents
  • Maker them work easier

Product Benefits

  • 5 years chassis / 1 year electricity warranty
  • Lithium battery
  • Lightweight
  • Smart size

Benefits of electric

>Electric Performance
>higher productivity than
LPG models.
>0 carbon dioxide,
>0 carbon monoxide
>Fast charging
>Strong and durable chasis
>Easy maintenance
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