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We love helping our customers with preventative maintenance plans, quality customer service, timely repairs, expert knowledge, and competitive pricing in forklifts. If you want to buy, rent, or lease a forklift, we are your best choice!

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Company with more than 35 years of offering to the industry in general Sale, Rent and Professional Technical Service.

We understand the need for reliable equipment and prompt responses to emergencies.

At Forkeq, we share the philosophy of Safety, Economy and Innovation with high performance offered by our current suppliers, thus seeking the satisfaction of customers and partners.

ForkEq has emerged as the world’s primary forklift provider with an experience of over 35 years in providing quality and state of the art services that include purchase, rent, and professional technical services to the industry in general. With a worldwide presence, the company is committed to fulfilling all your day-to-day needs and has proven to be recognized as a piece of reliable equipment and prompt emergency response center.

At ForkEq, we share the philosophy of safety, economy, and creativity with the high performance provided by our current suppliers, thus achieving customer and partner satisfaction. ForkEq is a leading forklift truck supplier and one of the industry’s best-known brands specifically for used forklift for sale.

ForkEq offers a wide range of material handling equipment, ranging from the largest container handlers and reach stackers to almost every type and size of the industrial forklift truck. ForkEq is among the best suppliers of lift trucks on this earth’s face. The forklift for sale is the type of a forklift for sale used in different regions of ForkEq that are mostly located in areas where there is a strong customer presence.

Global Service & Parts Distribution Presence

We guarantee competitive pricing and outstanding after-sales service to customers. ForkEq products have focused on the needs of the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries with a core competency on all warehouse trucks.

We look forward to enhanced cooperation across the globe. We are committed to ensuring a complete repairing solution for all our clients in the best possible period. With over a decade of experience, our experienced staff are professionally trained and are experts in their field of forklift services.

Our logistics services in combination with services of the forklift for sale provides a fast and efficient delivery mechanism that is monitored by a professionally trained team. Our forklift workers have a licensed forklift certification from various globally recognized institutions.

Forklift costs can vary widely upon the specifications of the forklift and the needs of the customers. Also, the new forklifts prices could be different from used forklifts when you buy them However, there are some ranges to keep in mind. A brand new fork lift price a range up to $20k to $45k and an increase of almost 2,000 to 5,000 dollars for the accessories. While these ranges are high, many buyers look for a forklift for sale near me to purchase it in a cost-effective range.

  • The higher the capacity of carrying the load, the higher the forklift prices will be.
  • It also depends upon the name of the manufacturing company and the quality they offer
  • The long term cost is more important than the upfront cost
  • Add the operating cost to the value of the forklift.
  • Don’t forget about the extended warranties

A forklift is a huge investment which is why the cost of purchase must be considered before it is purchased.

Every machine and vehicle has some driving ethics which needs to be followed by the operator to avoid any mishaps and risks involved. Here are some basic tips:

  • the operator must be highly trained and licensed to operate the forklift
  • it is important to where proper safety suits and clothes to avoid any thing to stick in the machine while its being operated.
  • Don’t use greasy hands to pull or push the level. It may slip and can result in an accident
  • Inspect any functional problems and report to the authorities to ensure the safety of the workplace.
  • If you choose to work with the used electric forklift, it is important to check the battery level to maintain the efficiency of your work.
  • Pay attention to signs and follow the work site rules and guidelines to avoid accidents.
  • Honk before turning right or left.
  • Do not drive beyond the speed levels of the machine to avoid any accidents.