XC series electric forklift with innovative, reliable 80V lithium iron-phosphate power features rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous availability of vehicles. The specialized structure also provides lightweight design, flexible chassis, high level of energy efficiency, maintenance-free and long service life battery.

Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.

Drawer-like battery pack, easy for exchange. HANGCHA provides Li-Ion battery with 5 years or 10000 hours warranty.

IPX4 water resistance rating, suitable for outdoor operation.

Quick charge < 2.0h, working time >9h.

PIN codes are available for improve the safety. (Optional)

HANGCHA can provide higher capacity battery pack for each model.

Battery side roll out with slide or roller
Pin code or card
Super elastic tyre
Marked solid tyre
Left and right rear view mirrors
Backup camera
Front/rear blue lights
Rear working lights
Charger (Titan or Schneider)
Reverse armrest
Hood with a key lock
OPS system
Lift buffering system
Multi way valves
Integrated fingertip control system
Widened / heightened load backrest
Widened fork carriage
Other length forks
Full free duplex mast
Full free triplex mast
Other attachments
Grammer MSG531 suspension seat