Heavy-duty steel chassis and rugged upper structure with rounded profiles protects driver. Reliable
bra¬king system provides effective braking in all situations. A powerful 4.5 kW AC drive motor for
impressive pulling power and up to 18 km/h unladen speed.

Appearance: Large arc-shaped, streamlined surface modeling is adopted, with beautiful and elegant

Reliability and Safety:AC power system features high effciency, complete protection functions, and
substantially higher reliability and service life.

Easy Maintenance: The brushless, maintenance-free AC motor reduces operation cost significantly.

Comfort: Fully flexible suspension system is adopted for both front and rear axles, featuring small
vibration and comfortable operation.

Advancement: Electromagnetic brake is adopted as parking brake, instead of traditional hand brake, so as
to realize intelligent parking braking.

Simple canopy (with no windshield and windshield wipers)
Simple canopy (with windshield and windshield wipers)
Fully-enclosed cab
Fan (together with canopy or cab)
Alarm light
Specification of traction system (see Table 1)
Right and left rear-view mirrors (standard configuration for canopy, cab)
On-seat operation of traction pin
Fire extinguisher
Blue-light Lamp
Audible and visual alarm
LED rear working lamp
OPS system
Voice back-up beeper
Optional special seat
Optional imported brand battery
Super-elastic solid tires