Zackary Bauch
Zackary Bauch


Zackary Bauch is founder of Elate business and financial consulting firm. He specializes in providing tax-efficient retirement income strategies for preserving and growing family wealth. Daniel is a Certified Financial Planner, practitioner and past President of both the South Jersey Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals and the Estate and Financial Planning Council of Southern New Jersey.

A founder can carry an institution only so far, and then others have to step in, even the alumni. That's how an institution becomes the top one in the field.
  • Technology and Digital :Digital is evolving quickly, and the right solutions can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. Our team helps you understand technology.
  • Finance and Accounting : The finance function is growing within organizations to become a strategic enabler. We help you modernize your finance function by optimizing strategy.
  • Operations and Supply Chain :The supply chain is rapidly changing, with new challenges, as well as opportunities to increase growth. The RSM team can help you develop a cohesive.
  • People and Organization :Business leaders are facing challenges in how to attract, engage, manage and retain talent everyday can help you address your people challenges.

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