Vango Semi Electric Pallet Portable Stacker 1000


New Portable Vango Electric
Pallet stacker which can load the goods
onto the trailer at the touch of a button.


Our semi-electric forklift offers easy and quick transport, capable of being loaded onto various vehicles, enhancing delivery efficiency. Semi-electric pallet stackers are ideal for warehouses, combining electric lifting with manual maneuverability, suitable for tight spaces. Forkeq provides high-quality semi-electric forklifts with 2200lb capacity, equipped with safety features. Our experts help you select the right machine and offer ongoing support.

Transportability: Easy to load onto vans, pick-ups, lorries, or trailers.
Efficiency: Enhances delivery speed and efficiency.
Versatility: Ideal for handling palletized loads in warehouses.
Maneuverability: Combines electric lifting with manual operation for tight spaces.
Quality and Safety: High standards, 2200lb capacity, various safety features.
Support: Expert assistance and ongoing support provided directly with us.



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