EPT15H Full electric Lithium Pallet truck

Long tiller reduces fatigue Automatic return-to-vertical position when released. In up-right drive mode, vehicle will move when handle is operated at any position. Brake release mode is only for emergencies, not allowed for vehicle with normal conditions.

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EPT15H Full electric Lithium Pallet truck

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Built Rugged. Guaranteed Tough.

The Full Electric Pallet Truck is engineered and built to endure constant jolts to the handle and undercarriage, thousands of pallet entries and exits, abrupt direction changes and harsh environments.

The Full Electric Pallet Truck features heavy-gauge steel throughout the chassis, side panels and power unit cover.

The 24/7 range and EPT15H Full Electric.

Equipped with BRUSH LESS drive motor and lithium battery, this new generation electric pallet truck is almost free maintenance.

The 125kgs light self-weight and smart size similar as hand pallet truck, make the range can be easily handled at very confined spaces.

Thanks to the powerful gradeability and traveling speed, 24/7 ranges can help to handle in a wide application, such as dock work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing.

The 3 intelligent smart functions are designed to make your job easier and the ‘Maintenance, so easy!’ will be appreciated by your service people!