Lithium Pallet Jacks Low Profile FRK44H

Being a completely electric equipment, it benefits the worker by streamlining operations within his company.

Outstanding Benefits with low cost!
it is ower 4400 lbs capacity!

  • 48 V powered
  • 5 years Warranty*
  • Lithium fast and Opportunity charge, 20 min = 50% of full charge.
    battery free of maintenance
  • easy maintenance
  • lightweight
  • small size, maneuverable
  • Electromagnetic brakes.
    includes battery and charger.

Allow disabled persons doing this activity
Increase productivity
reduce; injuries, Fatigue, Accidents
substitute shipping and receiving forklifts
Make them work easier.

User benefits

Product Benefits

Make your company a better place to work

Outstanding benefits at low Costs!


Load center distanceinch23.6
Fork widthinch 27
Fork lengthinch45-48
Overall lengthinch 63.8
Lowered height of forkinch2.9+-.08
Max height of forkinch7.48
Overall height with tillerinch31.5-49.2
Rear body widthinch27
Turning radiusinch56
Travel spead ladenmi/h2.5
Capacity typeAh10/15 Ah Lithium
Travel brakeRegenerate
Brake Electromagnetic

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Make your job easier

User Benefits

  • Allow disabled persons
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce fatige & accidents
  • Maker them work easier

Product Benefits

  • 5 years chassis / 1 year electricity warranty
  • Lithium battery
  • Lightweight
  • Smart size

Benefits of electric

>Electric Performance
>higher productivity than
LPG models.
>0 carbon dioxide,
>0 carbon monoxide
>Fast charging
>Strong and durable chasis
>Easy maintenance

48V 15 Ah battery

With bigger capacity
More working hours (6 hours)

Back Load Guard

For high stacks, the backrest prevents from falling.

Anti-slip drive wheel

Keep traction For slippery floors


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