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Reach Truck(Sit in)

Power typeLi-ion battery
Rated Load Capacity(kg)2000250030003500
Electric ControllerZAPI
Load Center(mm)500
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm))2660*1150*22152660*1150*22152770*1225*22352775*1225*2235
Integrated Battery Management System(BMS)continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
With rapid,restriction-free charging, UN Forklifts operate across multiple shifts without the need to change or replace batteries.The allow for fast full charging or boost charging(100% charge in 2 hours).
Li-ion Batteries come with a naturally long life cycle. 4000 times charge and discharge. Under normal circumstances the battery will last 3-5 times longer compare to a lead-acid battery. This means lower total cost of ownership.
Environmental protection and maintenance-free are two important advantages of Li-ion Batteries.
With stronger diesel forklift body and higher ground clearance, could be good for both indoor and outdoor use.
High Performance● Regeneration Function: The battery will withdraw electricity automatically when decelerating or parking.● Reliable AC Technology: American Curtis controller and KDS motor provide the infinite variable drive and lift control. The brush-less AC motors offer improved efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.● CAN bus communications network: provides superior dependability.● Shimadzu pump and valve ensures the reliability and stability of hydraulic system.● EPS(electronic steering system): light steering, shows the driving wheel position in real-time. Automatic centering function when starts. 
Safety& Ergonomics● Turning automatic deceleration function to prevent the forklift from turning over when turning, making the operation safer.● Automatic parking function.● German imported steel for mast with high strength and high wear resistance.● Wide view mast, strong OHG and comfortable seat.
Easy Maintenance● Maintenance free AC Motor makes forklift release less heat and ensures higher efficiency.● Simple structure and maintenance free components decrease maintenance cost.● The removable maintenance cover helps to access to the controller and other key parts easier.