NL Series 2.0-3.5T Economy Li-ion Battery

Power typeLi-ion battery
Rated Load Capacity(kg)2000250030003500
Electric ControllerZAPI
Load Center(mm)500
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm))2660*1150*22152660*1150*22152770*1225*22352775*1225*2235
Integrated Battery Management System(BMS)continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
With rapid,restriction-free charging, UN Forklifts operate across multiple shifts without the need to change or replace batteries.The allow for fast full charging or boost charging(100% charge in 2 hours).
Li-ion Batteries come with a naturally long life cycle. 4000 times charge and discharge. Under normal circumstances the battery will last 3-5 times longer compare to a lead-acid battery. This means lower total cost of ownership.
Environmental protection and maintenance-free are two important advantages of Li-ion Batteries.
With stronger diesel forklift body and higher ground clearance, could be good for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cost Saving
Fast Charging
Long Life Cycle
Environmental Friendly
Maintenance Free
Stronger diesel forklift body