PWS-i Series full electric stacker with STAXX Patent Multifunction Intelligent Handle, a ideal and budget affordable model to replace Semi-Electric Stacker and manual stacker in the market, to bring a high efficiency and effortless pallet stacking.


◆ Patented Multi-Function Intelligent handle.
◆ Long tiller arm design, easy steering comfortable operation
◆ Light-sensor inching switch —to replace traditional mechanical switch, with long working life and stable quality
◆ Well designed wires display, ensuring long working life and low failure rate
◆ Turtle speed–quick and slow traveling modes switching for safer operation
◆ Up-right drive, easier operating in narrow aisles
◆ Metal cover for durable life time.


Product parameters, materials, voltage, size, etc.

Capacity /

◆ 1000kg/1500kg capacity

Fork size  /

◆ 560/680x1125mm(fork over Type)

◆ 1070mm L x 220-680mm Adj.(Straddle Leg Type)

Lifting height /

◆ 1600/2000/2500/3000/3300/3500mm

Battery  /

◆ 24V/75Ah GEL or 24V/100Ah GEL battery

Charger /

◆ Built-in Charger

Controller  /


Working hours /

◆ 3-4 hrs depends on working condition

Charging hours /

◆ 8 hrs

Unique in the market, quick error detect, easier service, save service time,save labor cost.

I.Vehicle operation status display
  – Up/down/forward/backward
  – Working hour/battery capacity display
II.Quick Error detecting
  – Error code display
III.All maintenance information visualized
  – Quick error point locate.

Truck can be operate when handle in Up-right position.
Easy active access, suitable for narrow aisle working condition.  
Active Method:   
1) Belly Button Pressed+ Forward Knob Hold;
2) Turn on Key Switch;
3) Pull up Emergency Stop button for active Up-drive mode.

Turtle and Rabbit Speed shift by button press.

Easy steering and comfortable operation.

One Piece Metal Rear Cover, durable life time built.

Well organized wiring harness, almost no wear, bring durable life

Light senor interlock switch, reliable quality

On-board Charger

Easy charge access

Safety Speed Control (Unique Point)

Traveling Speed Automatic decline to 2km/h, when fork lift over 500mm.

More Safety and prevent any misoperation.

Remote Control (Unique Point)

Unique in the market, idea from trailer goods picking, with a simple remote device, the operator can control the stacker lift and lowering to any suitable working height, save effort and be efficient.